Why Buy Kemko?

Kemko has been in business continuously for over fifty years. A high percentage of our employees have worked here for over 20 years. Our building components are made from the highest quality first-run steel. We never use “seconds” in our buildings. Our design software is state-of-the-art and is updated continuously to reflect the latest changes in building codes. All of Kemko’s buildings are custom designed for each customer’s intended purpose. We do not treat metal buildings as generic commodities. In the overwhelming majority of the cases, a buyer is not going to get what he or she wants or needs by simply selecting a building from a list of pre-priced kits. Kemko’s experienced sales staff works with each customer to make sure the finished building will meet the customer’s requirements Even when exactly the same information is given to different metal building suppliers, there are almost always some differences in the actual building being quoted. These differences can materially affect the price. A buyer should check a number of items when a building is quoted.